saudi visa check by passport number – new method

See details on how to check a Saudi visa with a passport number under the new rules. Today we will know about the process of checking visa from the new website. Earlier we used to check visa from a website called enjazit. Can’t check from that website anymore. Now you have to check from a new website with new rules. Read full for details on how to check from any website.

Those who apply for visa in the first instance can check MOFA. MOFA is the initial information displayed during visa processing. How to check MOFA is given below.

visa checking by passport number

When we go to check Saudi visa, first we need to enter a website. Follow the steps given below to check the visa.

1. First you enter any browser on your mobile or desktop. For example Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox, Brave browser, etc.

2. Now you search by typing (

3. After entering the website you will see this.

4. You will see the site entirely in Arabic which we cannot understand. So click on E in the menu to make it English.

5. Now you will see that the entire site is in English. After it is in English, you will see 3 options below. Visitors, Citizens and Residents, and Businesses and Entities.

6. From here I will click on the Citizens and Residents option in the middle. After going to it, I will find an option called Visa Delegations and click on Apply below it.

7. After clicking here, I will click on Agree at the bottom right.

8. After clicking here, the visa check option will appear before us.

9. Now in the box here we have to give information like Visa Issued Number, and Sponsor ID. And these two will be on your visa. Then the Visa Issuing Authority should be covered here. Then some numbers will be written in the middle of the image below, look at them and put them in the box. Then click on the search option.

10. Now after searching you will see all the information here. If your name and your information do not appear here, then you will understand that your visa has not been issued.

MOFA visa check | Mofa visa check in new condition

To check Mofa, first of all, visit Similarly, if Tapor is in Arabic, click on E to convert it to English.

Now you need to fill the box below. Enter your passport number in the field of Passport Number. Visa Type Generally we go for a work visa, if you have any other visa then select it. Select Bangladesh in Current Nationality. Visa Issuing Authority will cover it here. Then the numbers written in the image should be placed in this box. Finally, click on the search option at the bottom right.

If your information comes after clicking here, then you should understand that your visa is being processed. You can understand the current status of your visa only by reading your information here.

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