Romania work permit visa for Bangladeshi

Romania work permit visa for Bangladeshi. Well, tell me, if you can go to Romania, a European country if you can only go for 6000 BDT. And if you do not have these 6000 BDT, then you can get a bank loan.

Romania, a European country, is gaining popularity as an attractive workplace. There are several reasons for this. Two reasons are worth mentioning

  1. Unskilled workers can work in Romania, a European country
  2. From this country, movies can be made in other countries in Europe

But due to the agencies taking seven to eight lakh rupees, the workers who are good but can’t afford it have not been able to go to Romania for so long. But this time, bypassing them, you will all go to the dream country Romania. This time you can get a Romania work permit visa by spending only 7 thousand Bangladeshi Taka. You can get this taka loan from Bangladesh Karmasangsthan Bank or Bangladesh Prabasi Kalyan Bank. This way you can make your dream come true.

Another good news is that you don’t have to pay for airfare to Romania. Your company will bear this cost.

Now I will tell you the real thing, that is, how to apply here.

As you may know, workers from our country migrated to Malaysia several years ago

  1. At first, they applied online
  2. After that, they have been selected through a lottery
  3. Then sent to Malaysia

I hope this approach will not be an exception. Before saying this in the application, I will tell you how to apply

  1. Apply online
  2. Then there will be a lottery and you will be selected
  3. If you win the lottery, you will be trained at BMET
  4. After training at BMET you will get a certificate
  5. After getting the certificate you will have to undergo a medical test. And if you know that you have passed the health examination, then you will get a Romania work permit.

But the things I said are in line with the way people have been sent to Malaysia in the past. Because the government has not yet revealed how the people will be sent to Romania. If there is a government agreement between the two countries, and if what we are hearing is correct, then in 2022 you will be able to move to the European country Romania with a work permit.

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