Portugal job seeker visa 2024 apply online

Do you want to get a Portugal work permit without any broker or agency at home with your mobile phone? If you want then today’s post is for you. Visit our website for more immigration-related posts.

Many people in our country pay a lot of money to various brokers to get a Portugal work permit. Today’s post is for them. In fact, if you want, you can do this at home using your mobile phone for free.


Portugal job seeker visa requirements

There are no specific requirements. Each job has different requirements. You can see the job requirements in the description of the job you are applying for. Always read their requirements carefully before applying.

Portugal work permit visa apply online

Before you start applying for jobs, keep one thing in mind. Many scammers often post jobs here. Always be careful. Job application here is completely free. If any company asks you for any kind of money stay away from them.


1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your mobile and visit https://pt.indeed.com/.

2. Here the whole website is floating in Portuguese, please translate it to English for your understanding.

3. Write the name of the job you have knowledge of or the job you want to do in the first What text box.

4. Enter Portugal in the next Where text box and click on Search Offers.

5. Now you can see many jobs offers below. Click on the job for which you think you are qualified.

6. After clicking on the job offer, you will see the option to apply. But read the job description carefully before applying. Apply only if you are suitable for that job otherwise don’t apply.

7.  Clicking on Apply for the offer will take you to the website of that organization and you will have to apply from there. The way I see it will not always be the same. For example, if you are an educated person, you will understand everything, where and what to do. Because everything will be in writing, you have to read and understand.

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