South korea job for bangladeshi 2022

Through Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOSEL), 100 Bangladeshi women workers (belonging to minority ethnic groups of 11 districts of Chittagong) will be taken as seasonal workers in the agriculture and fisheries sector in various provinces of South Korea. Interested candidates should apply in the google docs form by 31 October. Candidates will be interviewed if necessary subject to receipt of information.

According to Boesel’s notification, 100 women workers belonging to small ethnic groups of 11 districts of Chittagong will be taken as seasonal workers in agriculture and fisheries in various provinces of South Korea. The employment period is a maximum of five months. Eight hours daily duty. One day weekend. The monthly salary is about 1 lakh 20 thousand taka.


Jobs in South Korea for Bangladesh

Application process

Apply by filling out the form in English on this link of the prescribed Google Docs.

Service charge

A total of Tk 29 thousand 890 including VAT, tax, visa, smart card, welfare fund, insurance, database registration and other fees of Tk 14 thousand 890 should be paid for Boesel’s service charge.
Selected candidates will have to pay a security deposit of Tk 50 thousand (refundable). Non-judicial stamp of TK.300 will be accepted from the concerned candidate and guardian/recommender. Failure to return after the stipulated time will result in forfeiture of the security deposit. Apart from this, action will be taken as per rules in the name of the concerned worker and his guardian/advisor.
After the selection process is completed, Boesel will accept the necessary documents subject to receipt of evidence for CCVI/visa-related activities by the employer. Detailed information can be found in this link.

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