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India Visa Application from Bangladesh: Do you want to apply for India Visa from Bangladesh? So listen, nowadays you can easily apply for an India visa from Bangladesh. Because in the era of advanced technology, you can now apply for an India visa online at home. But for that, you have to follow some rules. Now I will try to tell you those rules step by step.


What is a visa? | What is Indian Visa?

In simple words, a visa is such a document. which allows entry into a particular country. And this document is called a visa. In the same way, when you enter India for work, this document is called an Indian Visa.


How to apply for an Indian visa?

In the above discussion, I told you that now you can apply for an Indian visa online from the comfort of your own home. However, at present, there are opportunities for an Indian visa in several cases. For example,

  • Medical Attendant Indian Visa
  • Business Indian Visa
  • Tourist Indian Visa
  • Medical Indian Visa

So those of you who will apply for an Indian visa online. They can basically apply for Indian e-Visa online for these few jobs. And the process of applying for an Indian visa online is mentioned below.

If you want to apply for an Indian visa online. Then you have to enter the website ‘India Visa Online‘. And when you enter this website. Then you have to click on “Online Visa Application”. And then give you the information you need. Indian visa online application should be completed.


What documents are required for an Indian visa?

When you apply for an Indian visa as a Bangladeshi. Then you will need several documents. And the list of those necessary documents is given below.


1. First, you will need your original passport. And that passport should be valid for at least 6 months.

2. You will need a recent color photograph. Remember, the pictures given here should not be more than 3 months old.

3. NID, electricity, and telephone bill will be required as proof of your residence.

4. Proof of the profession you are associated with will be required.

5. Applicant must provide proof of financial solvency.

6. On the day you visit the visa office. Then definitely take your old passport with you.


So those who actually want to apply online for an Indian visa. What are the documents required during their application? The list of them is mentioned above. Documents with the help of which you can apply for an Indian visa online.


How much is the application fee for an India visa from Bangladesh?

Now you need to know how much is the application fee for an India visa from Bangladesh. And if you want to know about this topic. Then I will say, those who are Bangladeshis do not need to pay any kind of fee for an Indian visa. Because to do this you only need to pay the Indian visa processing fee. And as this visa processing fee you have to deposit 800 taka.

So those who are actually thinking that how to pay this visa processing fee. They can pay your visa fee by clicking this link.


A few words about the Indian visa application

Dear Reader, We require Indian Visa at various times. And may you do this necessary work easily. That’s why in today’s discussion, I have told the procedures to apply for an India visa from Bangladesh.

So if you want to know such unknown things related to visa in very simple language. Then try to stay with us. And for reading my article for so long, thank you very much.

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