How To Find Jobs in USA for foreigners

If you are just starting your job search, two of the best places to search for jobs in the US are INDEED and LinkedIn. Using these two websites is likely to have the most success.
Getting a job in America from Bangladesh is not an easy task at all. But if you read the entire text, you will find this process very easy. In today’s post, we will know about how to find a job, link to the website, how apply, etc.

Jobs in the USA for foreigners

First of all, you need to keep in mind that the entire process from job search is completely free. If someone asks you for any kind of money, know that they are scammers and stay away from them.

There are 3 ways to get a job in usa

The first step is if you are educated or you have a good degree Masters or Bachelors. They have h1b visa to come.

Now if you are an unskilled worker then the whole thing is a bit difficult for you. Here you can win in 2 ways.
1. Any of your relatives are already in usa and they have their own business there. Employees in their organization can show this and sponsor you. In that case, they must have permission to hire foreign workers in their business.
2. Those who do not have any relatives in America should find a job themselves. They themselves have to find an employer to sponsor them. In this case you can take help of various agencies. Who will find jobs for you. You should not pay them either because they are getting paid by the employer to find you.
As a foreigner, you can follow the below-mentioned websites to find jobs in America.
  • LinkedIn (
  • Indeed (
  • Glassdoor (
  • (
  • Learn4Good (
  • Simply Hired (
  • Career Builder (
  • USA Jobs (

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