Easiest way to immigrate to Canada 2021

The easiest way to immigrate to Canada is in 2021. If you read today’s article completely, you will know 7 ways. Through which you can come to Canada very easily.


I know a student visa will not be easy for everyone. But those who think they can come on a student visa, who have enough money to come here and study and then become a citizen. I would say this is the best way. Because when you come here with a student visa, you will get a Canadian degree and through it, you will easily get a job. And after getting the job, it will be much easier to apply for PR.


That thing is important for a student visa

  • Of course, you have to show proof of fund for a minimum of 4 months which will depend on which college you are going to.
  • You need to have 10,000 Candian dollars, which is your one-year living cost.
  • IELTS score needs a minimum of 6.5.



Definitely work permit is not the easiest way. Then again, the reason for keeping it in seconds is that Canada is currently taking a lot of people. If you have good experience and your education level, then you can apply as a foreign worker.

There are two ways to get a work permit visa

  • Close work permit
  • Open work permit



You must show funds for a visitor visa for 1person $ 13000 Canadian dollar and for 2 people $ 16000 Canadian dollar. If you want, you can come here as a tourist and find a job and then you can stay. For this reason, a tourist visa would be very good for staying in Canada.


In this program, you must first manage a job. And here the IELTS score takes much less. So each of you will research how much the score is in any field. This year, the IELTS score has not been seen in many places.



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